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   Please see 2015 update on Steve's page

Our club name was taken from a division of Georgia volunteers who fought in the area of our hunting club, during the Civil War under General Lee. There are several members of that division buried in local cemeteries around the area of our club.

GA. Calvary Buttton

These soldiers were led by Colonel Thomas R. R. Cobb from August 1861 till April 1865, Cobbs legion last service to the cause came when it was asked to serve as escort to R.E. Lee at Appomattox Virgina.

We are located on the border of Bartow and Cherokee Counties.  We currently have a little over 3000 acres of mixed pine and hardwood property.

The club is surrounded by Allatoona WMA. We are in our eighth year as a QDM club. We are seeing the results of our hard work. 
QDMA 2014 Whitetail Report.

The food plot program is in full swing.  I'd also like to thank Mr Lee Cayse and Robert Allen for a LOT of hard work and input into our food plots, and a special thanks to Mr. Warren Tingle for the Great seed mix he donated.

Thanks Guys!

We believe in letting the little ones walk!



 We are one of the largest hunting clubs in North Georgia. We have one of the most aggressive food plot programs in the state! Check out our photos. The dues this year are $575.00 per person. We also have "family" dues for spouses and dependents 18 and under.

If your looking for a "its brown its down" club, good luck in your search. We have a Two (2) doe, 70lb rule this season and four (4) on one side, 12 inch spread rule on our bucks. We follow the State Turkey laws.

     Like most of North GA, we have a coyote problem. Mr W. brought in a trapper and he's done well. Some of our hunters have also reached out and touched a few coyotes during season. The coyotes have been reduced and the fawn drop and turkey population looks good
See Rules update

     The question from prospective new members that always comes up now is: membership numbers. I'll try to answer that here, it's a "floating" number. I base the number of members on the clubs expenses each year. Our lease is $10.50 a acre, simple math shows that it takes a minimum of 74 members just to pay the lease. One of the challenges of a lease this size is the finances. On one side, its a club and has to managed as such; on the other side, it as to be seen as a business and managed as such. I hope that this has been some help.

     I bought a 55 gallon, three point, hitch sprayer, other than the standard maintenance, upkeep, seeds, chemicals, pegboard map, and "normal" expenses. On a personal note, I've had this lease for many years now and enjoyed every minute of it. As I understand it, we're the third largest club in North GA. However, the two others have tracts in different counties so that would make us the largest in one continuous tract. Being a member of this size club is not for everyone and I realize that I can't please everyone. As in the past, I'll continue to do what I feel is the best for our Deer herds, Turkey's, and the club.

Thank you for taking the time to look at us. If you have any questions about our club, please feel free to call before nine (9) P.M. est or e-mail anytime.  

Steve Seals
Club President 


 Read Steve's thoughts, idea's and ramblings


      The club property maps have been updated and as of mid June, the coyote removal count is over 200. I've been checking the club for tracks and scat and very little of either have been found. What I have found seems to be only transit yotes passing though. I've put out bait and its been left alone for over three weeks now.

     PLEASE click on the link below, member or not, this is very important information that will affect most of Ga's hunters sooner or later. GON just ran some great info about coyotes. Thanks to Mr W. we're about six months ahead of the rest of state on handling them. I'm teaching myself how to trap and have no intentions of ever allowing them to gain a foothold here again.

Can they be hunted? SURE Can they be hunted out? NO

     I've done a lot of reading and research on them and, though they're fun to hunt, trapping is really the only way to lower their numbers and minimize the impact on our fawns. At 200 trapped and/or killed, that averages out to approximately 15 packs gone. Eliminating the alpha male and alpha female is the most effective way to get rid of the problem.


     The plots to be replanted have been sprayed and the seed is ordered. I'll be planting "Double Cross" from Whitetail Institute again. It's the best mix for our soil I've found. It did well on the new plot and I hope for the same results in the other plots. There has been a new SELECT cut of 220 acres starting at the 4-way. The cut opened up some hardwood bottoms that I had forgotten about in that section. It should be beautiful there this fall.

Remember we believe in letting the little ones walk!



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